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Next Step
The Next Step Program
Sometimes we just don’t have what we need to solve life’s problems on our own. We may end up discouraged, not knowing what to do next. That’s why Samaritan Ministry offers the Next Step Program, to assist you in setting your own goals and, with our support, taking manageable steps toward reaching them.
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STRIVE Job Readiness Classes
STRIVE is a component of Samaritan Ministry’s  Next Step  program created to overcome multiple barriers to employment including incarceration, addiction, or disconnection from family. If you’re receiving public assistance recipients, are a veteran, homeless or working on the edge of poverty, STRIVE can help you.
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Pre-GED Classes
Pre-GED Classes
Our Pre-GED courses allow participants to continue their education with the goal of receiving a Certificate of High School Equivalency. There is a place for everyone in these courses, no matter where a person is on their educational journey, and classes are free to all.
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  1. Chris DeRosa (she, her) Avatar
    Chris DeRosa (she, her)

    Can someone use your address as their DMV address in order to get an ID or DL?
    I am a volunteer with Spread the Vote, a 501c3 organization – we are helping clients in Arlington and Fairfax Co get their IDs, documents, and register to vote. One client would like to use Samaritan Ministry’s address – I just want to know if DMV accepts your address and organization.

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