Goal Achieved! Clarence Hooper

In 2015, Mr. Clarence Hooper wanted to make a change in his life. Rather than jump from temporary job to temporary job, he wanted full-time, lasting employment.

After a long conversation with Gail Davis, our Lead Caseworker at the Northern Virginia office, Clarence’s first goal was set: get a job! Thus, he became a participant with Samaritan Ministry’s Next Step Program. Working with our volunteer Resume Writers, Clarence created a brand new, professional resume; while our computer mentors helped Clarence search for jobs. Finally, being able to use Samaritan Ministry’s address and telephone number allowed prospective employers to contact him!

Clarence spent the better part of year diligently visiting our Northern Virginia office — coming in twice a week to search for and apply to jobs. In September 2016, he achieved his goal and gained full-time employment as a janitor at a local school in Arlington!

Now with a steady job, Clarence could begin to focus to a second goal: getting out of a shelter and into permanent housing. Clarence’s credit rating was less than perfect but, with the help of Gail, Clarence developed a plan to repay his creditors. When he became debt-free, he began to apply for apartments. He didn’t qualify for a housing grant or subsidized housing program, so he started saving. In February 2018, with his own money for deposit and first month’s rent, Clarence finally moved into his very own apartment: Goal achieved!

It took three years, but Clarence succeeded! It is our joy to have played a role in Clarence’s success because this is what the Next Step Program is all about!


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