“Good Place; Good Help”: Robert Preucel

In September of 2016, Mr. Robert Preucel (name changed) came to the Northwest office to meet with Lead Caseworker Annette Carver. Over the course of the long conversation, Robert explained that he had three goals: first, he wanted to get a better job! While currently employed as a part-time package handler with FedEx, Robert was striving for something more meaningful, and financially sustainable. Second, he wanted to learn more about treating addiction and substance abuse; and third, he wanted to learn basic computer skills. 

Over the past two years, Mr. Preucel has regularly visited the NW office as he works towards his goals. A “quiet self-starter, who enjoys learning and getting things done himself” according to NW Caseworker Associate Sarah Feely, he  isn’t afraid to seek help from our volunteer Computer Mentors when challenged by computers! He also continues to work towards his long-term goal – meaningful employment.

While other social service agencies impose restrictions on participants (for instance, by imposing a time limit in how long a person can participate in a program, or requiring one to be unemployed), Samaritan Ministry is special: a faith based community partnership, our participants identify the next steps they want to take in life, and we help empower our participants to live sustainable, purpose-driven lives as they take their next steps. 

We embrace all of our participants: all are welcome here, and we look forward to working with each participant in reaching the goals as well as volunteers who support our work together!


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