Mr. Munn: Bounced Back

After losing his job and a year of being unsuccessful at finding new employment, at 35-year-old Christopher Munn had lost everything, including his home. “I always felt less than my friends and others because I didn’t have a “good” job, paying “good” money” said Mr. Munn.

This past April he came to SMGW and joined the Next Step Program. His goal was to get a job, and his first step was to enroll in our STRIVE job readiness training. Training began in early May, and it was clear that Mr. Munn was focused and eager to get his life back on track. He sat in the front of the class every day and assisted other participants who struggled a bit with assignments. Mr. Munn arrived every day to class early, ready to learn. At nearly every lunch break he took that time to meet with our Job Developer.

Soon Mr. Munn had a career plan that could get him to his goal. During the second week of training he began receiving job offers. The day before graduation, Mr. Munn was sent to 1st Choice to interview for a management position and later decided to accept their offer to become an Account Manager.

Today, Mr. Munn is excited about the future and the opportunity to get back on his feet and the ability to move out of the shelter.


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