Timothy Neal: Resilient and Moving Forward

Each participant at Samaritan Ministry (that’s what we call the folks who use our services) has a name and a future, like Mr. Timothy D. Neal.

In June 2005, Mr. Neal came to our Northwest office. Mr. Neal was unemployed and living with a relative. What he wanted was better employment and housing. Almost immediately, he began receiving basic computer training from Computer Mentors and utilizing Samaritan Ministry’s postage address for his mail.

Resume Writers assisted Mr. Neal with writing a resume and saw he had experience with food preparation. Caseworkers suggested he consider getting a culinary certification, and Mr. Neal did! He enrolled and completed a 6-month culinary training program. As a result of his hard work, he was hired as a cook at a major hotel in Washington, DC! Congratulations to Mr. Neal! In the meantime, Mr. Neal resided at a local shelter until he could move into an apartment.

Despite his successes, Mr. Neal faced several setbacks. In 2011, he suffered congestive heart failure, and he could not perform the duties required of his employment. He returned to Samaritan Ministry, seeking our caseworkers’ assistance to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Insurance. Meanwhile, his health did not improve and required hospitalizations and extensive treatments. As a result of illness and loss of income, Mr. Neal became homeless for almost two years.

Yet, Mr. Neal was able to overcome many barriers and change his life for the better. In 2012, he was awarded Social Security benefits and DC Medicaid. In addition, in September 2013, He worked with Samaritan Ministry caseworkers and found a new home in DC and was later able to return to work as a cook at a hotel. In March 2017, Mr. Neal received a certificate from Food and Friends Meals Program. In addition to his current culinary experiences, Mr. Neal hopes to find part-time work, preparing meals for homebound neighbors.

Samaritan Ministry’s caseworkers continue to engage and encourage Mr. Neal who is determined to move forward, step by step. With your support, the staff of Samaritan Ministry is available to women and men, like our resilient Mr. Neal, across Greater Washington to work together for a better future.