The Role Model: Rev. Vincent Harris

Reverend Vincent Harris has spent the past four years volunteering as a Front Office Coordinator (FOC) at our Anacostia / SE DC office. After more than twenty years of service, Vince retired from the Rectory of St. George’s Episcopal Church, and began searching for new opportunities. He found them at Samaritan Ministry.

Vince began volunteering with Samaritan Ministry quite by accident. As he puts it, “When I retired, I knew I had to do something to keep me occupied, and it just so happened that [Samaritan Ministry’s Executive Director, Rev. David B. Wolf] called me to go out to lunch, so it was obvious that Samaritan Ministry was the place I was meant to be. David suggested I join the Board of Directors, and I resisted him. I wanted to be more hands-on, which led me to being an FOC … In doing that, I had the opportunity to work with Adrian [Vaughn] (a former Lead Caseworker). She gave me the orientation, such a wonderful and beautiful person. She was a blessing in my life, and one of the reasons why I continue with Samaritan is to honor her memory”

Rev. Harris continued: “I really enjoy being able to meet people, to serve people – here I can make a small contribution to help people better the quality of their lives. ... Seeing people take their next steps, improving their own quality of life through their own actions. If I can play a part in that, then that’s great – if I can help someone along the way, then that’s what God has called me to do, and then my life will not have been in vain.”

Samaritan Ministry has made a deep impression on Vincent – working with participants directly has helped him “really [become] more aware of the difficulties and obstacles that people have overcome and have to overcome. To get back on their feet … we have to recognize the importance of the assistance that we all need, and that we all have received in our journeys. None of us make it by ourselves, and it’s always because people have helped us along the way to make our paths easier.” When asked what brings him joy outside of his volunteer work, Rev. Harris simply said "Family!".

Vince is “popular and in-demand, and a positive role model for the black man who walks into the Southeast office”, says Gloria Ducker, fellow FOC & Partner Rep from St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. Vince, we thank you for your compassionate service!