Learning Together: Faye Busingye

In mid 2017, Faye Busingye found herself at Samaritan Ministry's Silver Spring office, located at Church of Our Saviour, with a few goals in mind: learning how to improve her computer skills and finding better housing for herself. A full-time Certified Nursing Assistant, Faye only has the chance to visit the Silver Spring office every two weeks. Unfortunately, Samaritan Ministry lacked a curriculum to help teach computer skills at our various offices.

Thanks to the hard work of St. John's Norwood Partner Representative and SMGW Computer Mentor Alex Schmandt, we have developed a curriculum and are now able to offer participants like Faye basic computer skills mentoring. Faye was enthusiastic to start learning, and soon reached her first Next Step, by learning how to search for jobs on the internet. Volunteer Doug Leavens, profiled below, also taught her how to reset the password on her own laptop so she can practice at home. "Now I know how to do it myself" she said, taking satisfaction in this new empowerment. When she returns in two weeks, Faye's next step will be to learn how to do online banking!

To quote Kathy Staudt, Lead Caseworker at the Silver Spring Office, “Faye is our first Silver Spring participant to take advantage of this computer mentoring course, which we hope will become an important part of what Samaritan Ministry can offer at our site and at other sites!”