Joyful Varieties of Service: Bill Kenety

Mr. Bill Kenety, a parishioner with St. John's Norwood - Chevy Chase, has been volunteering as a Front Office Coordinator at Samaritan Ministry's Northwest office for two years.

As Bill puts it, "I spent most of my professional life as a federal prosecutor at DOJ, and my son Hugh volunteered with Samaritan Ministry a while back. Here in our area, Washington, Maryland and Virginia, there's a lot of poverty -- a lot of suffering and deprivation. Here, at this office [...] I can do good work and make a small contribution to alleviating [those conditions] – it’s an opportunity to help in a variety of ways with a variety of needs."

When asked about what he finds rewarding about being at Samaritan Ministry, he smiled and simply said "When somebody realizes a goal, and achieves something they've been working towards for a long time -- to know that I played some small part in helping them reach it, and to have witnessed it ... its really reassuring. There was a participant who came in a few weeks ago needing some clothes for a job interview, and I got to spend time with him, learn what he wanted and needed, and really make that person look professional. It sounds small, but it's those little moments where you have a greater appreciation for the difficulty that so many of our participants, our neighbors, have in getting through life."

Bill also has a message to send to would be volunteers who are also retirees: "Even after retirement, there can be a lot of satisfaction and personal growth by just finding and doing something that you want to do, and watching others reap the benefits."