Bringing Joy and Experience: Dr. Charlie Briggs

Dr. Charlie Briggs is one of those volunteers whose energy powers the mission of Samaritan Ministry. Since the fall of 2016 he has been volunteering at the Southeast Office, where he has served as Front Office Coordinator and trained as Casework Associate. On top of this he is a regular volunteer in the Silver Spring Office, where he has served as Casework Associate, shadowing and also covering for Lead Caseworker Kathy Staudt, as well as supporting participants as a computer trainer and resume writer.

Charlie brings many gifts to Samaritan Ministry. A Washingtonian and lifelong Episcopalian, he was a boy chorister at St. Alban's School and Washington National Cathedral, has sung in church choirs and served churches in many capacities all his life. He is a retired medical doctor who practiced general surgery, emergency medicine and occupational medicine for over 30 years. After that he completed a Masters in Administrative Science at Johns Hopkins. So he brings to his work at Samaritan not only a long background in Health Care, but gifts for administration which are being tapped regularly as we develop the Silver Spring Satellite office.

Charlie's passion for our work at Samaritan Ministry is infectious and welcome to volunteers and participants alike. He speaks for many when he says "It has been, and continues to be, a real pleasure to volunteer at Samaritan Ministry. One particular joy has been the ability to work one-on-one with participants - especially since this involves "helping them to help themselves," avoiding the roles of dominance and control that are so often expected. May it long continue!"