NW Office Pilots "Post Secret" Project
November 02, 2011

Since October 18th, there's been a conspicuous new addition to the lobby in the Northwest Office of Samaritan Ministry. Piled high with markers, stickers, construction paper, crayons, magazines and other art supplies sits a table where participants can spend a few minutes while they wait to meet with a caseworker. To do what, exactly?

Samaritan Ministry Receives Unsung Heroes Award
November 02, 2011

Samaritan Ministry was awarded an Unsung Heroes Award for its Burial Assistance Services at an award dinner and celebration on October 31st in Seat Pleasant, Maryland. The award was presented by the National Community Based Organization Network (NCBON) to several organizations in MD and DC which provide community based services.  It was wonderful to be recognized for this important service Samaritan Ministry provides to people in need. We are able to do so thanks to a grant from the DC Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Administration.

St. Andrew's Episcopal School Hosts Successful Mini-Walk
October 31, 2011

On October 15th, St. Andrew's Episcopal School of Potomac, Maryland came together as a community to host another Help the Homeless Mini-Walk to benefit Samaritan Ministry. Continuing in their annual tradition, the mini-walk was a part of their Saturday homecoming celebration, and each of the high school grades received points based upon their participation in the event.