Participant Stories

Yolanda Jeter: From Despondency to Determination

A long-time participant with Samaritan Ministry, Yolanda Jeter is an ambassador for the power of the Next Step program. After losing her home, her job, and her parents, Yolanda discovered Samaritan Ministry and began to take the next steps needed to get her life back on track.

Anthony Ashton: From Homeowner to Homeless

Ashton describes homelessness as an endless cycle of monotony: “I do the same thing every day and feel trapped at times.” He accepts what he thinks is his fate. “It doesn’t faze me anymore and the only time it hinders me is when it’s winter.”

Getting Back on Track: Star Plummer

Losing her job in January 2014, Southeast participant Star Plummer was nervous but optimistic. Nervous about falling behind on bills not being able to care for her son and possibly losing her home if she doesn’t have a steady income. Optimistic, because she had over 20 years of work experience with Amtrak and held a bachelor’s of science in sociology.

As the months went by she wasn’t getting any job offers. Nor was she finding success at job fairs or agencies. Her fears became a reality; she doesn’t have a job to support herself or her son.

Samaritan Spotlight; Annette Carver

With twenty years of experience, Annette Carver lead caseworker at the Northwest office has had eighty five success stories including individuals and families. Her path to SMGW began with a motivation for community development. Annette worked at SMGW Southeast and Northwest simultaneously. She quickly became an influential affiliate to the Next Step program, and the Empower the Homeless campaign.

Participant Stories; Introducing Margret Guthrie

Margret Guthrie is a bright, intelligent woman who is a former school principal. Margret is many things, but most significantly, she has been homeless for year.

You might think that Margret is an unusual case, but the caseworkers of Samaritan Ministry have seen an increase of people who – we assume – are out of poverty’s insidious reach.

Bridget's Story

Bridget* has been visiting Samaritan Ministry off and on for over 12 years to receive encouragement for employment and other personal goals. Throughout her time as a Next Step Program participant, she has had some very successful stretches of employment, one lasting over three years.

Patrick's Story

Patrick* was referred to Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (“SMGW”) by a Federal City Recovery counselor in August 2010. Patrick had multiple health problems and was ready to make positive changes in his life.

Mario's Story

Mario* came to Samaritan Ministry in the summer of 2011 looking for employment support, resources for obtaining legal identification, and a place to receive mail and messages. Mario dedicated himself to the Next Step Program, and found a part-time job at a DC restaurant. A Samaritan Ministry caseworker connected Mario to Whitman Walker Health, a Washington DC community health center specializing in HIV/AIDS care. Through Whitman Walker's services, Mario became current on his medication and health care. 

Sabra's Story

Sabra* first discovered Samaritan Ministry while seeking employment assistance. Sabra is orginally from Africa, but has been in the United States for a number of years. She had just recently completed her education to become a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). While working to complete her degree, Sabra had lost both her home and marriage. She was temporarily living with her ex-husband and working as a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant).

Henry's Story

Henry* calls Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, D.C.’s “best kept secret.” After spending time in prison for a drug charge, Henry knew he needed to turn his life around. With the assistance of Samaritan Ministry, he began mental health counseling and completed a substance abuse program. He now celebrates over two years of sobriety. In recent months, Henry has been diligently attending Computer Mentoring classes at Samaritan Ministry to improve his job search skills. He is currently working as a cook in temporary positions and living at a friend's house.