Our Results

  • Our Results
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At Samaritan Ministry we define success one step at a time. No two people come to one of our seven sites from the same situation or facing the same obstacles. Each program participant sets his or her own goals. Some participants achieve success in the more traditional sense, moving on to self-sustaining lives. Others require additional support and may return to us to take additional next steps. All participants are determined to make their lives better. All successes, both large and small, are celebrated. In the end, the successes are theirs, not ours. We are guide, support, cheerleader, and coach. They do the heavy lifting. We pride ourselves on measuring success one participant at a time and one step at a time. This model yields striking results.

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Samaritan Ministry by the numbers

  • Enrolled 431 participants in STRIVE, 242 of whom participated in group interaction, 131 showed up for Day 1 of Training, 87 graduated and 67 (77%) were placed in employment. Of these participants 98% are currently working making an average of $13.71/hr.
  • Continued pre-GED classes to improve employment prospects of students. Two six-week sessions were held on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM to 12 noon at SMGW’s NW Office at 1516 Hamilton Street NW, Washington, DC. Of the 17 students that started the class, 11 completed the class. The Pre-GED program is part of a continuum of classes offered cooperatively by four DC non-profits to students who need to improve their reading and math skills prior to enrolling in a GED program.
  • Supported people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. We offered: (1) a free spiritual retreat in December for 49 participants (priority was  given to persons who have not previously attended a SMGW HIV/AIDS Spiritual Retreat, and/or persons newly diagnosed (up to one year) as HIV/AIDS); (2) organized and supported a group of “positive” men and women who come together to offer each other mutual support as well as support for their families; and, (3) through a grant from the DC government provided burial assistance and support to 29 families of indigent individuals who died with HIV/AIDS.
  • Dressed more than 700 participants in our Career Gear and three additional clothing closets.
  • Provided 3,235 participant/caseworker visits and other office use (computer access, telephone and fax use, etc.)

Behind the Numbers

  • The feedback we receive from program participants confirms that Samaritan Ministry has made a profound difference in their lives. Not only through the vital services we provide, but the ways in which we provide them.
  • Participants recognize that Samaritan Ministry caseworkers listen without judgment, provide a safe and supportive environment to work on their goals and their next steps, and instill confidence and hope for their future. Many of our participants refer others to Samaritan Ministry.
  • Integrated STRIVE DC as a component of the Next Step Program. Effective August 1, 2016, this change was motivated by the needs of our participants’ employment-related goals (over 75% of our participants set employment goals) and SMGW’s strategic plan. Adding STRIVE to the services SMGW offers was a rare opportunity to implement a proven job-readiness and placement program whose outcomes align with many of the goals set by Next Step Program participants. This integration significantly strengthened SMGW’s offerings and support of all participants, as well as offering non-employment support missing from STRIVE DC.
  • Co-developed HIRE DC, a new collaborative database to record our participants’ progress and assist caseworkers in delivering appropriate coaching. With the help of the JOVID Foundation and in the collaboration with Byte Back and Southeast Ministry, HIRE DC was developed in 2015 and implemented in March 2016 in all SMGW locations. While the database continues to be improved, training for staff is ongoing and data is currently generated from the system.
  • Collaborated with another non-profit, LIFT-DC to onboard many of their single participants. In July 2016, LIFT-DC refined their focus to include only families rather than families and individuals. At our NW office at 1516 Hamilton Street NW and the Perry School locations, SMGW caseworkers worked with 17 former LIFT-DC members who became Next Step Program participants.

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