Join us for the 2019 Gala!

Join us for “The Art of Change” – Samaritan Ministry’s 2019 Gala @ The Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Georgetown – on Saturday, November 9 @ 6:00 p.m.!  The event will feature familiar elements from the past as well as new opportunities to both support Next Step, Samaritan Ministry’s signature program – and meet new and old Samaritan friends.

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Are you ready to: 

  • Make yourself stand out from other candidates in an interview? 

  • Learn key skills that will help you get and keep a living wage job?  

  • Challenge yourself in new ways, and gain renewed confidence in your future? 

Join SMGW: Job Announcements

Samaritan Ministry is currently looking for new staff members to join us in our rewarding work. Please see our listings on or read the position descriptions below if you are interested in working with us.

Partner Representatives: Resources and Tools

Samaritan Ministry wants to work with you to empower the outreach mission of your church or school, resourcing your own members in accessing support, and to support Samaritan Ministry itself to serve over 1,600 people each year.

As a Partner Representative you have a vital role that bridges your church's or school’s outreach with Samaritan Ministry’s mission among our neediest neighbors.