Empower the Homeless 2015: Community Walk on May 30th

      Saturday, May 30th brought together a group of individuals fiercely devoted to change. Some with signs in hand and all with dedication in their hearts, approximately forty people, eight partner parishes, and even four loyal dogs came together for the Empower the Homeless Community Walk.

Anthony Ashton: From Homeowner to Homeless

Ashton describes homelessness as an endless cycle of monotony: “I do the same thing every day and feel trapped at times.” He accepts what he thinks is his fate. “It doesn’t faze me anymore and the only time it hinders me is when it’s winter.”

Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington: Sales and Entrepreneurship Training Classes

Entrepreneurship Training Classes and Business Start-Up Support

Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington in partnership with Sales and Margin LLC is launching its second session of Entrepreneurship training classes.